Data Terra Nemo

— Branding, Web Design & Development

Data Terra Nemo is a technical conference for hackers and computer scientists focused on distributed and decentralized systems.

a. Data Terra Nemo pins and stickers


Inspired by vintage printed materials, an aged version of black and white, the monochromatic colour scheme was used across all conference communications, which was complemented with colour and black and white photography.

  • Soft Black
  • #21211D
  • R33 G3 B29
  • C70 M64 Y69 K7
  • Cream
  • #F6EDDB
  • R246 G237 B220
  • C3 M5 Y13 K0

The event was held in a beautiful 1950s-era recording studio in a former state radio broadcast centre, overlooking the River Spree, called Funkhaus Berlin.

b. T-Shirt Design

Website Design

The venue contributed stylistic and thematic inspiration to the design and branding of Data Terra Nemo.

c. Data Terra Nemo pin
  • Venue Photography:
  • Nino V. Valpiani
  • T-shirt Printing:
  • Ayuhara
  • Graphic Design:
  • Aprile Elcich
  • Web Development:
  • Aprile Elcich
  • Event Coordinators:
  • Aprile Elcich & Paolo Fragomeni