— Product Design, UX/UI, Branding
A simplified user experience for common cloud services with wizards for easily completing common or repetitive tasks.


Cloud services and their websites can be very difficult to use and understand.

Extensive knowledge of the largest and most popular cloud platforms is now expected of developers and there are many courses offered on the subject of learning how to use the platform and its offerings.

Access to cloud services is becoming essential and should be accessible to developers at any level.


Visual Interface Design

The goal of the ConductorLab brand is to appeal to new and existing developers and to be more friendly and welcoming than the corporate approaches of other cloud services.


Crisp, elegant and playful Caudex was chosen as the primary display font for headlines.

As a complement, Poppins Bold is used for subheaders and to highlight information, and Assistant Regular is the primary font for body copy, which was chosen for its legibility while still reflecting the light approach of the brand.


The colour palette was chosen to be especially bright, friendly, and approachable, inspired by learning and growth.

  • Orange
  • R246 G154 B86
  • #F69A56
  • Red
  • R233 G102 B78
  • #E9664E
  • Purple
  • R106 G126 B187
  • #6A7EBB
  • Teal
  • R26 G172 B185
  • #1AACB9
  • Yellow
  • R218 G201 B91
  • #DAC95B
  • Blue
  • R57 G122 B200
  • #459B40
  • Green
  • R69 G155 B64
  • #397AC8
  • Gray
  • R52 G55 B61
  • #35383D

App Icons

The icons are designed to be recognizable but also quite simplistic, slightly abstract, and a little bit quirky. The Gitmesh app icon is a familiar “branch” and the Logs icon is a literal “log”.

Application icons from left to right: NoSQL, Gitmesh, Logs, Buckets, Functions.

Primary App

With an application format similar to Adobe Creative Cloud, new desktop apps and updates to existing apps are available through the primary menu bar app.

The menu bar app also provides access to the ConductorLab wizards and tutorials.

ConductorLab Apps


Create a consistent and reliable user experience across all cloud services.

Example of ConductorLab apps and their comparisons.


The unique feature of ConductorLab is the wizards and tutorials for each application. The wizards allow the user to complete common cloud tasks, such as creating a new storage bucket, setting up a static website, creating a new lamdba function, etc.

User Flow

This process, which is typically tedious for experienced developers and feels nearly impossible for new developers, is translated into a clear and concise set of steps that are automated by the application, while being presented as a simple flow for the user to complete.

Below is an example of the wizard user flow for setting up a static website on an Amazon S3 bucket with a custom domain.


Gitmesh is a peer-to-peer approach to Git and rethinking the Github interface for a p2p desktop application.
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